Trusted by IBM, HP, Microsoft, NASA, Seagate, Northrop Grumman, Caltech, Motorola, AT&T, UCLA, GE, Google, Bluetooth, and more...

Legal Experience:

Mr. DeFrank has over 20 years experience as both a computer engineer and an attorney in the high technology
sector. Mr. DeFrank not only invents, designs and develops computer hardware, software and IT related products,
he also practices law and has been a registered Patent Attorney and intellectual property specialist since 1993. Mr.
DeFrank has written and prosecuted over one thousand computer related patent applications and patents for large
high technology companies and educational institutions. He was one of the first patent attorneys in US history to
successfully write and prosecute software, e-commerce and IT business model patents for the World Wide Web in
the early 1990s. Some of Mr. DeFrank’s present and previous clients include Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM,
Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung, AT&T, Applied Materials Semiconductor, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech,
UCLA, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman Aerospace and Seagate Technology.

Business Affairs Experience:

Mr. DeFrank has extensive experience in strategic management of intellectual property and proprietary brands
through public relations and Internet sales and marketing campaigns. Mr. DeFrank also has considerable
experience in patent, trademark and copyright counseling for exploiting intellectual property portfolios through
mergers and acquisitions, audit and analysis, sale, licensing, prosecution and litigation. Over the past several
years, Mr. DeFrank has been consistently structuring and negotiating relationships between e-commerce based
companies, which includes forming licensing opportunities to generate revenue from existing and new intellectual
property. He has negotiated numerous complex computer hardware and software licensing agreements and
development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and outsourcing relationships and has been involved in several
billion dollar patent licensing agreements.

Engineering Experience:

Mr. DeFrank has broad experience in information technology (IT), software design and computer engineering. Mr.
DeFrank was a Chief Engineer for Pioneer Electronics and managed an engineering team and over 100
employees. During his time at Pioneer Electronics, Mr. DeFrank raised productively in his department by
approximately 500% over a one year period by implementing numerous computer automated strategies with
comprehensive engineering management and productivity plans that included automatically tracking, monitoring,
updating, revising and analyzing empirical data and developing a comprehensive educational program that included
regular workforce training, evaluations and assessment sessions based on the analyzed data. Mr. DeFrank was
also a Control and Standards Engineer for GE, a New Product Development Engineer for IBM and Bausch & Lomb
and the CTO for eRayVision, LLC., a computer software development company.

Entrepreneurial Experience:

Mr. DeFrank founded, managed and successfully ran several high-technology companies, including several
healthcare IT companies that had annual revenues over $100 million dollars. Mr. DeFrank designed and developed
patent pending software and e-commerce applications that included a unique automated revenue cycle
management engine that integrated data from disparate and distributed sources to assist physicians, hospitals and
surgery centers with day to day business operations, including, e-commerce transactions, insurance verification,
insurance authorizations, benefit determinations, coding and billing, revenue recovery, insurance appeals and
insurance reimbursements. The tremendous success of this healthcare IT company was greatly attributed to his
vast engineering and technical expertise, intellectual property knowledge and experience, extensive knowledge in
healthcare and revenue cycle management and his excellent business development skills that include
immeasurable affiliations and connections with high level executives and legal counsel at many of the major
insurance payers, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and political affiliations. He synergistically used
his legal, technical, healthcare and business experience and expertise to economically and technically develop
these companies with strong technical partnerships and expert marketing campaigns. Some of Mr. DeFrank’s top
past and present financial and marketing affiliations and partnerships include Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank,
U.S. Trust, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, HP, IBM, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Sony
Entertainment, Samsung, Seagate, 1-800-DENTIST and 1-800-SNORING.

Community Experience:

Mr. DeFrank is also a dedicated non-paid director of a local non-profit organization that he founded several years
ago. He spends a considerable amount of his time raising money from local corporate sponsors, celebrities,
professional athletes and business people for helping needy children all over the world. Mr. DeFrank is also an
active board member of Bandemar Networks, a company that is receiving local and federal government grants,
including the National Institutes of Health (NIH).